Ascender 2010 Font Pack

Ascender 2010 Font Pack 1.01

Designed to showcase the new OpenType typographic features in Office 2010

The Ascender 2010 Font Pack features 14 fonts with enhanced OpenType features to showcase the advanced typographic features that are new in Microsoft® Word 2010 and Microsoft Publisher 2010. Also included in the Font Pack is a set of templates for Word 2010 and Publisher 2010 that show off the fonts in action.

All the fonts and new OpenType features were developed by the type experts at Ascender Corp and optimized for Microsoft Office 2010. Included are fonts from both the Microsoft and Ascender font collections, including new and enhanced versions of Comic Sans and Trebuchet.

Main Features:
- Ligatures (standard, contextual, discretionary/historical)
- Number spacing (tabular, proportional)
- Number forms (lining, old-style)
- Stylistic Sets (up to 20 pre-programmed sets)
- Contextual Alternates
- Swashes (Publisher 2010 only)
- Stylistic Alternates (Publisher 2010 only)

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